Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 4 Table Decor and Gift Giving

When I was a little girl I remember the holidays at our home was a time for parties. My mother loves throwing fabulous parties. She is an entertainer! I remember her beautiful tables set with her Christmas china, sterling silver and crystal. My mother at 83 still to this day decorates her table for every holiday. I am my mother's daughter. I love to entertain, throw parties and decorate my table for the holidays. The best thing about the table decor ideas I want to share with you could all be great gifts! Maybe you've been invited to a party, create a handmade thank you for the hostess! Everyone loves receiving a gift made by hand. Here's hoping the gift ideas and table decor inspire!


  1. Wow! Another great video! Thank you! I am SOOO making those necklaces. I have everything here except the little framing hook nails. That's something fun I can do tomorrow! :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing video filled with so many great ideas. I can't wait to hit up my local thrift shop. Deriously fab Margie!

  3. Loved all this cool junk...just wondering how I could work this stuff in with my tree that just has lots of fun santas. I use the the red and greens but I need some of this natural junky stuff can I just add it in or will it look out of place.

    Creative Hugs,

  4. so so glad you are all loving. it's been so fun to have shared some of my favorite things with all of you!
    kiss kiss

  5. Thankyou so much for all these wonderful ideas...I have been going down to the thrift shops here...but I need more time!!! lol I have had a go at the junk bows. I feel pretty proud too I must say. You can check it out at
    I added one to a christmas card and it is great to see the look on everyones who sees it! So awesome...thankyou so much
    Dot x

  6. I joined Spark your Christmas late in the game...and am soooooo very grateful I did! Thank you for sharing all your fabulous ideas/ very, very inspired by you & your creativity!

  7. More great ideas - I can think of many applications besides the Christmas holidays!