Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Friday!

Spark Sisters!
Happy Thanksgiving Night! We have full bellies, full hearts & now we’re playing games! Thanksgiving is such a fun family holiday! We hope our US Sisters have had a beautiful day & our other Spark Sisters too!
Back in the there was nothing I loved more than staying up late & hitting the “Black Friday” sales! Yep! I was that crazy girl waiting in line for Tickle Me Elmo! Well guess what? Not anymore! There is nothing I LOVE more than staying home, relaxing with my family & NOT the mad crazy rush of Black Friday shopping! We are so excited to be offering you “watch from home” & “shop from home” Spark Bundle! This bundle includes all of our PAST Workshops AND Spark Your Christmas 2017. This is the best deal of the year! If you’re new to Spark you’ll get them ALL! If you’ve been with us for a while & missed a few, you’ll get them ALL!! One of the greatest things about our workshops that is unique is, you own the videos! You can watch them as many times as you want & at YOUR pace! There isn’t a time limit on them at all! This offer ends Cyber Monday Midnight Mountain Standard time! We are so excited for our Christmas Workshop that goes live MONDAY! Included in this BUNDLE!!
I think taking a break has given me a creative boost & I’m sharing so many FUN ideas!! We look forward to 2018 & a year of Spark Workshops with you our Spark Sisters!!
Now back to the games & pumpkin Pie!
kiss kiss
Margie & Meg
Class Bundle {includes all classes} $50
{including Spark Your Christmas 2017}

If you have already signed up for Spark Your Christmas 2017 you can upgrade and get the bundle for $27.01.

Spark Your Christmas 2016 $13.49
Spark Your Christmas 2015 $5

Spark your Christmas 2014 $5

Spark Your Holidays 2013 $5
Spark Your Christmas 2012 $5
Spark Your Christmas 2011 $5

Re-Spark your Heart with Art $12.49
Spark Your Heart & Art $5
Metamorphosis $5

Mini Spooky Spark 2016 $7.49

Spook Your Spark & Fall 2015 $13.49
Spooky Spark 2014 $5

Spark Your Fall 2013 $5

Spooky Spark 2012 $5

Spark Your Summer $13.49

Spark Your Summer 2016 $13.49
Spark Your Summer & Celebrations 2015 $5
Spark Your Summer 2014 $5.00
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Spark Your Spring 2017 $13.49

Spark Your Spring 2016 $13.49
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Spark Your Love and Home 2017 $13.49

Spark Your Love & Home 2016 $13.49

Spark Your Love & Home 2015 $5
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