Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 3 Home Decor

Welcome to Spark your Christmas Day 3
My very favorite thing about the holidays is decorating my home. I love getting out the boxes filled with decorations i have made over the years. I also love creating new decor that i will have for years to come. There is nothing like creating something for your home or for a dear friend by hand. I hope today you are inspired to fill your home with handmade.

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    Creative Hugs

  2. Ill try it anonymous too!
    Its Tandra boyer here..

    im thinking I didnt save the emails with the passwords in them... I thought they would automatically play the next time i wanted to watch it once Iput the password in the first time!!
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  3. I did not receive an email for todays class (#3)
    Where can I get my password?

  4. @ Tandra Boyer- I just resent the emails to you!
    @ Crafty Girl- I need your name or email so I can check into this!

  5. How long will we be able to view the videos after class ends?

  6. @ Sheri- They will be available for 3 months!

  7. Another great video - I love your ideas. You need to do a video tour of your holiday decorations in your home.