Monday, November 12, 2012

Spark Your Christmas 2012

Christmas is in the air...
only 40 days until the big day!
this past weekend we were hit with a major snow storm and it feels and looks like Christmas!
because of the snow storm i spent most of the weekend inside in jammie pants and hot cocoa in hand and i crafted!
i am getting ready for Spark your Christmas 2012 workshops!
so many fun new projects!
home decor, gift giving, altered art, gift wrap ideas and of course dollar store finds!
i love love love Christmas.
i love a handmade holiday.
join me in a 3 video on-line holiday workshop!
because I am so gratful for all of you, sign up before Thanksgiving for  only $19.99 and you will get a bonus video as my gift to you!
After Thanksgiving the prices goes up to $24.99. Class starts November 26!!
let's get ready for the Holidays together!
kiss kiss


  1. Hi Margie, I purchased the 2011 class but don't know how to access it, should some info have came to me via email?If you could let me know please, thanks

  2. I also purchased it too and haven't received anything yet. My email is

  3. Hi Margie, I know I purchased this class late, but I have not received any information yet. I purchased the class through Paypal, I think on Dec. 13. Please let me know how to access the class.

    Erin Coleman

  4. I purchased the 2012 spark your Christmas class and got the passwords but don't remember how to get to it! Thank you Judy Craik