Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 2 Spark Your Christmas

Day 2 from Spark The Event on Vimeo.
Welcome to day 2 of Spark Your Christmas 2012! I love today's workshop. Decorating my Christmas tree has always been a highlight and the center of my Holiday decor! So many fun ideas for your home, for the tree and maybe even a gift idea or two.


  1. Fabulous-Margie I am not kidding our minds think alike and we must be sisters!!!! we love the same stuff and my studio is full of everything you so fun to see your creative too I collect buttons and my fav is mother of pearl...what adorable projects can't wait to play..thanks for the inspiration...I am going to have to order the other spark event online workshops so worth it.!!! hugs

  2. Ahhhh, this is perfect! You were reading my mind! I have these same houses from last year......had mostly decorated one, but had already decided to redo it and finish the others too in neutrals, golds and silvers! Giiiiiiirrrrllll!!!!! You're in my head! And I love it!!!

  3. Margie, I can not tell you enough how much I am enjoying Spark Your Christmas! Love everyone of the projects. Didn't get to see Day 3 until today and was so excited when I say you do the burlap garland with the 25s. I had just cleaned my local Pottery Barn out of all their Burlap,wired edge ribbon. Can not wait to add my touch to them.