Monday, February 27, 2017

Spark your Spring 2017

Happy Monday Spark Sisters!
How is February almost gone!? Time surely does fly! I'm sitting here in my studio looking out the window to yet another Snow Day. It is so beautiful watching it come down & I see that it's clearing up the grey skies. Utah has had record high snow this year. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for SPRING & all that comes with it! Blue skies, sunshine & green grass! The white stuff has been fun but I always look forward to Spring.
This year's Spark your Spring will be full of new ideas, recycling some old ideas & I'm planning on sharing 3 fun & different styles again.
Join Meg & me for 3 video workshops filled with Spring & some Easter!
I hope you're having a beautiful Monday in your neck of the woods. I'm staying inside bundled up & watching the snow fall.
Just the way I like it!

Spark Your Spring 2016 $13.49
Spark Your Spring 2015 $5
Spark Your Spring 2014 $5
Spark Your Spring 2013 $5
Spark Your Spring 2012 $5

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