Wednesday, July 16, 2014


What is Metamorphosis?
i looked it up on Wikipedia, and the definition was pretty sciency and kinda gross.
So, here's my definition, or my understanding. it's a lot less sciency and easier to understand.
i hope.
In my 4th grade class we were partnered up in groups of threes and were given a Caterpillar, a jar and were sent out onto the playground to gather grass and a stick to create a habitat for our Caterpillar.
i have never been too much into science, but watching that Caterpillar create a cocoon was fascinating to me.
some groups caterpillars died, but my group's Caterpillar did exactly what our teacher Mrs. Wiseman said it would do. We watched with anticipation for days, weeks then finally one day we came into see our Caterpillar's cocoon break and we could see the beautiful Monarch butterfly struggle to get out.
We wanted to help it, but we were told that if we did help it would die.
The struggle was part of what made it strong enough to fly. At the time i had no idea how this science experiment would impact my life. i was just excited to have kept my Caterpillar alive and to see the change in to a beautiful butterfly.
Part of the definition on Wikipedia:
a change of habitat or behavior.
As a Woman, like the Caterpillar we go through many changes, we struggle, we spread our wings, we try to fly. It is in the struggles that we are made stronger, wiser, more compassionate to others, we grow and we fly.
This has been a re-accruing pattern in my own life, and i think all of us.
Recently this has been heavy on my mind and my heart. Why is life so hard sometimes? Why do we have to have struggles?
I don't have the answer.
What i do know is that throughout my life i can look back on hard times and see where my struggles have helped me.
I've grown, become stronger, been able to help someone in a similar situation, I've learned and I've grown.
Stop for a moment and breathe. Listen to your heart. Physically put your hand on your heart and feel it pumping.
i love these words.
i posted them 2 years ago on Instagram.
at the time i had just reunited with my husband after over 2 years of being separated.
instead of listening to my head i went with my heart. 2 years later it hasn't always been easy but it has been worth it.
i am happier than ever. We are happy together.
Life is hard enough on it's own but together we can do so much more.
i am NOT an alone person. it's ok if you are. for me the more the merrier. When i am alone i am left with what i call my "alone thoughts" they are not always good. i am sure that i am NOT alone when i say this, i am my own worst enemy. i am critical of myself, i create self-doubt about who i am, what others think of me.
sisters. This crap has got to stop.
together we can uplift and inspire.
together we can STOP the SELF NEGATIVE TALK.
In this day where we are fed by so many outlets, home, family, work, friends, TV, Social Media, Blogs, Pinterest, on and on and on we need to step back and evaluate. IMG_4351
Is what we are feeding ourselves doing us good?
i struggle.
am i keeping up with the Smiths?
As Women here's where the self doubt and self negative talk can come in.
Don't compare. {that's a HARD one}
her house is bigger, she has a pool, she wears a size 6, her husband is a Doctor, her furniture is from Restoration Hardware, she has a craft room, her house is always clean, she rides her bike 50 miles a day, she has the best boobs ever, her kids are perfect, she decorates for every holiday, she travels the world, she has my dream house, she has a big diamond, she drive a new car every year, her husband is strong and healthy, she doesn't have to work, she shops at Nordstrom, she has the best job ever, she is smart, she has thousands of followers, she gets invited to all the parties, she has it all...
{yes i compared her boobs}
Who is SHE anyways? We create this in our own selves. 
i am guilty.
Be ok with where you are in life, who you are right now.
Tomorrow is a new day, to make changes, set goals an accomplish new things.
Celebrate who YOU are. Who YOU want to be. Who YOU are becoming.
Your own personal Metamorphosis.
When was the last time your Sparked yourself?
Like all things this workshop has been a work in progress, a labor of love for myself and for you, my Spark Sisters.
Join me in an Online Mini Spark Workshop to celebrate YOU.
Meg and i are creating an online video workshop with a Mini-book or Scrapbook depending on your style with prompts and words to inspire YOU to become who you want to be and recognize the good in you and focus on the changes you want to create in your own life. Filled with techniques and ideas for journaling and mixing media to create a one of a kind project just for YOU. Class begins August 4, 2014.

We have also created an amazing kit to go with this workshop. To put a value on it would be insane. i have been gathering all year, collecting some of my favorite things to create with. Some old, some new from several different sources. Vintage Girls' Paperie, a favorite, Sassafrass, Glitz Designs, Jenni Bowlin Studios, Fancy Pants, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Prima, Teresa Collins Designs, hand sewn, hand stamped, punched and MORE.
This kit is $49.99

i hope YOU take the time and do something just for YOU with me. i feel so blessed to share my struggles with YOU, i feel your support and am inspired by YOU.
let's take the journey together we can all fly...
kiss kiss,

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